Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited

This Company came into existence, not by intelligent design, but for a very strange reason indeed. Considering that Praetorian Legal Limited was created to deliver legal services and claimed to have done so for over 4 years. If it is a good honest company, working with integrity, which they do claim, why would such a company, working lawfully and profitably, with a (self-claimed) good track record, create an opposition, a competing company? Why are they not simply doing the work under the same operation?

Praetorian Legal Limited is about to be crashed and burned, cash extracted, and the creditors burned. Mr. Smith is a master in opening companies, taking money, on the pretence of delivering a service and then shafting everyone time and time again.

In every case, Mr. Smith has been unsuccessful and dispensed with the need of paying creditors. Coupled with the fact that Mr. Smith’s wife has recently resigned from Praetorian Legal one might suspect another collection of consumers will be screaming.

“it’s just another sign of the times”

The groundworks to dump all the Praetorian Legal clients has begun, however, it’s a new and beautiful day for the Mercantile Claims clients, until it’s your turn to get dumped. Its real, its coming your way, and soon, the warnings are out there, and you just have to look!

When you do get dumped you will have paid a sum (like others) will have been delivered nothing (like others) and your names, addresses and data will be sold off to more crooks who will bite at your ankles again until you hire there “pick you noise” type companies. Its sick, unlawful, upsetting but very real.

History explains the Eze Group shakedown by Trading Standards and the continual scamming by Mr. Smith will not stop until he has lost the inner belief that he is a really good and undetectable Scam Man. The facts are Mr. Smith scurried off and took over the operation of Praetorian Legal claiming to be the good guy and, that Eze group and Mr. O’Reilly are now nothing to do with them (in reality he is right two crime families exist, not one) that said, when you look at the companies records the significant controlling mind (as declared by the Praetorian Legal) was Mr. O’Reilly until a few days ago, despite his investigation, arrest, criminal charges, and guilty admissions.

In fact, the horror is, that despite knowing and pleading guilty to the offences, Praetorian Legal set up a covert operation which (will be discussed later) and scammed the consumers again claiming that they would get their money back from the very scamming they had assist others to perpetrate.

It’s simply astounding and beggars’ belief.

In fact, the two scam monkeys, Mr. O’ Reilly and Mr. Smith are warring over the spoils of the scams as Mr. Smith has failed to pay Mr. O‘ Reilly his Bananas.

‘you simply cannot make all this up’.

Praetorian Legal did, however, give their clients a present in the form of an ‘indemnity certificate’, which promised to pay for any losses and costs which the clients incurred if they were pursued by any timeshare resort.  One slight problem - that certificate is fake!

‘no such indemnity exists’.

So, their clients are exposed again in the same position as they were before they paid Eze Group Praetorian Legal and disingenuous Mercantile Claims.

Praetorian Legal had no choice but to close as they are now being hounded in the courts by teams of Solicitors after the scams were detected and reported by Mr. David Cox of TESS (Timeshare Exit and Support Services).

Mr. Cox took no prisoners and blasted the news to the world at large.

….. Good man – your duty has been done

Now, Mercantile Claims have stated that they do have an indemnity insurance which conforms and is ‘one of a kind’. If this claim is true, it puts the nails into the coffin of the Smiths, as they themselves have just admitted they were selling indemnity at Praetorian Legal knowing the one of a kind coverage was not available.

Commentary, not the best thought out argument face allegations that a previous indemnify was is existence before it was admitted it was not even conceived.

Mercantile Claims is a £2 – Company, associated with a collection of crooks and they too by way of wizardry and ‘sprinkles of smithery’ can terminate a complex contract. They too claim, they retain experience in law, ‘rights of audience’ and can pursue a claim on your behalf. The facts are it a timeshare salesman, house wife and a failed draftsman hocking a dream. They have never, yes never won an claim in court, the illusionist puts the concept out there, but if you buy into it, you buy ‘chocolate tea pot’ which will melt into doom in front of your eyes when used.

All you need to do, is, ask do they have a solicitor (other than the one who has been to prison for stealing). If the struck off solicitor represents you, he will be thrown out of a civil court if he ever dares step foot in one.

But that’s not the fundamental issue, is it?

The fact is they need insurance, not if they are negligent or mess things up but if they lose, which they will.

That insurance comes with a monumental premium and large excess and a cap on the damages. It’s not economical insurance and what the insurance provider does not know is that Mercantile Claims do not do any legal work. So, if you believe that an insurance company will take a premium of you to insure a service that has been done if a claim come int and the work was never done cover will be refused, it’s just another con. Have you paid for the premium, have you filled out the application do you have the benefit of the policy, all good questions?

Mercantile Claims or its Directors do not have any qualification in academia, they have no history, no financial reserves, operate with known criminals, thus are an evil bastardisation of a sister sham Praetorian legal.

If you paid them something, it like being touched by flames, it hurts, but should you stay in the flames you will get burnt event more.